Construction and Milling Sweeping Service

Construction cleanup is tedious, time-consuming and – most of all – challenging. An error, missed spot, or mistake during the cleanup process could put your business – and others – at risk. Is this a liability you’re willing to take on?

Think about it: each phase of any construction project contributes to on-site debris, dirt and dust accumulations. Removing these generally requires detailed sweeping, dumping, loading and hauling for removal. If hazards remain, flat tires, accidents and other damage can easily occur. It’s a lot to consider, especially when your team has other projects to think about.

Ross Industries doesn’t just do construction cleanup: we specialize in it.

Our high-dump sweeping equipment eliminates the wasted time and expense of handling loads of construction debris twice. We sweep and dump directly into a hauler. With an extensive fleet of multiple twin-engine high dumps, we offer the most innovative pieces of sweeping equipment available.

Not only that, our back-up sweepers are available 24 hours a day to eliminate project interruptions and slowdowns. Your afterthought is our priority! Working on an asphalt milling project? No problem. Our high-dump broom and vacuum trucks can handle the job.

Put a team you can trust for construction and milling sweeping on call. Contact Ross Industries, today.

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